Monday, January 11, 2010

Why am I making this blog?

I guess I am making this blog because I want to organize my thoughts, and then record some adventures when I have some.

I have been a dungeon master for about two years now, and it has been mostly a good experience. I recently finished my first big campaign, and I'm going to start a new one soon. Maybe it will even be a smaller one.

I still feel a bit wet behind the ears, and probably won't have a lot of fantastic insights for you.

My current experience thus far consists almost entirely of homebrew games and settings. I've barely played regular dungeons and dragons, and I'm not sure if I've ever played any other published games. So my perspective here will be pretty different from that of a dungeon master who has played D&D his whole life, or who buys up new rulebooks whenever he can get his hands on them.

What games will I be talking about?

Apocalyptus - A homebrew D20 game with its own complete set of classes. The setting is a post-apocalyptic alternate Victorian history. Basically, a nuclear explosion from the future caused some campy things to happen, and now most of the Earth's population consists of terrifying mutants. There are a lot of crossovers with literature, and a lot of historical in-jokes, and a lot of steampunk stuff. I am playtesting this game, and am actively influencing the direction of the rules.

Casinos and Criminals - A project of my own. I wanted to play a game where players are criminals who pull dramatic cinematic heists, and I was not able to find any existing systems that fit how I wanted to do it. I'm now making my own system to do just that. Casinos and Criminals will be a very specialized system which focuses entirely on pulling heists, and isn't concerned with the PC's lives between casinos and banks. Players must plan for hours, and gather tons of information in order to pull off their jobs without a hitch. Early playtesting has been pretty positive, with the big payoff to a big plan proving extremely rewarding.

I will try to keep this blog updated with the goings-on, so that you can read about them.

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